Sheree R. Swann, a Bridgeport, CT native, graduated from Southern Connecticut State University. While attending Southern as a Corporate Communications major, she explored the field of Video Production. It was then, when Sheree decided to take a photography class to complement her studies. After receiving her Bachelor’s of Science, she went on to work at a local television station in New Haven, CT.

On a journey to pursue some of her many other interests, Sheree enrolled in a few photography classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. She’s produced art shows, photographed events, portraits, album covers and her work can be found in regional as well as online publications. In 2008, she journeyed down to Atlanta, Georgia and enrolled at The Art Institute of Atlanta. She has since completed her studies as a Commercial Photography student and is currently freelancing as a photographer and videographer.

“I discovered my new love in 2004: Photography. I have always had an interest in creating visual art, but as I decided to focus on still imagery, photography revealed itself as my passion. As a spirit behind the lens, my work has taken me from modest beginnings to a new state of elation. I am always excited to show my reflection of others and also confront my inhibitions and that is what photography allows me to do. I think we are all beautiful and I love to capture people, for they are what inspire me. I love to show people how I see them, in that light of being beautiful, even if they don’t see that beauty in themselves. More so, I like to challenge my creativity by enhancing photographs to make an artistic statement. The elements I have captured through my lens breathe life into that exact moment when the shutter snaps. Life, the way I see it – bold, colorful and full of contrast, is very conducive to the way I present my work. And with such interest in imagery, colors and depth, it stands forth as being a poetic expression through my lens, photographic art. “

—-Sheree R. Swann